Posted by: crispygoldenflaky | March 10, 2010

a glorious day.

Today was semi-productive, and highly endorphin inducing.  I had dark chocolate peanut butter oatmeal with flaxseed and greek yogurt for breakfast and a dark roast coffee (Starbucks brand).  Feeling super fueled and really to roll, I sent out a couple job app. emails and then set out for a long, slow run.  It was gorgeous outside – maybe like 70 degrees?!  I love the time between winter and spring when it’s just cool enough in Durham to go for a long jog and feel very comfortable without needing to first OD on antihistamines.  Ran around the Tobacco District and explored further into downtown Durham until I felt really unsafe and then realized I was running next to a Juvenile Detention Center?  Whoops.  Ended up being an hour and a half.

Cereal for lunch because shoe shopping was more pressing.  I’m addicted to the whipped-cream-esque taste of Horizon Organic milk.  I blame the Sullivans.  Was going to go rowing after this, but ended up going shoe shopping with Larsa first… and got my first pair of Toms, these little canvas wrap shoes.  The company donates one pair of shoes for every pair bought.  I got them in the red linen.  Then went rowing, which ended up being much farther away than I though – 50 minute drive to Lake Wheeler.  But it was 200% worth it.  I got to take out a single (only… unfortunately, I can’t it out on my own because I have yet to learn how to carry a single by myself).  I don’t even think I can put the feeling I had when I got into this boat into words.  But my soul was very very happy and content afterwards.  Oh, to be on the water again!

Then we drove back home and were supposed to go slacklining with Dhanks.  But then the sprinklers were on so I did a quick run through the sprinklers and now I’m home with Bones, a cajun chicken salad from the loop with extra crushed red pepper flakes, and sore forearms and lats.  Tomorrow I will go to Miel Bon Bons and meet with Bonnie, the owner about potentially working for her!!

Things to do tomorrow: bakery, weights, long run, mcat class, craft store, tempeh and tofu run.

I miss Sam.  I don’t know how I feel about missing someone and thinking about someone else all the time.  It makes me feel less crazy independent… hm.

Gotta get some buttons to customize my toms!



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