Posted by: crispygoldenflaky | March 12, 2010

a comforting conversation with a good friend

Last night, I was clearly a mess.  But then I had this amazing, long conversation with Winn on skype and I felt less crazy.  We talked/caught up about relationships, alcohol, life philosophies… and it was hella comforting to know that we find similar things massively draining.  I find it most entertaining that we are on complete opposite ends of the impulsivity spectrum.  I really admire him.  And his crazy intricate methods of processing emotions.  It’s so nice to reconnect with people on that level when you haven’t talked to them for a couple of weeks.  I think its funny how we don’t think we realize how big our support networks really are until we start catching up with people we’ve fallen slightly out of sync with and it ends up being so easy to just pick up where we left off.

Currently sipping on a large coffee from Alpine and eating an oatmeal mess – milk, dark chocolate peanut butter, peanut butter, honey, and bananas.  Dannnngerous breakfast sweet tooth.  Post-workout, which was a run and weights today.


50 russian twists with 6 lb ball

10 db overhead press – 15 lb

10 db body row – 25 lb

10 overhand pulldowns – 62.5 lb

4×10 shoulder circuit – Ts, Vs, Press, and Sides

20 db lunges – 25 lb

10 reclining db press – 20 lb

weak weak weak.  Time to get back on the workout train.  Love(d?) weights!

Love rain.

Today i’m finally going to be brave and try puff pastry.  And marcella hazan’s roast chicken recipe!  Scared-excited-nervous!!!!  Will post pictures later!


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