Posted by: crispygoldenflaky | March 15, 2010

a new week!

Mondays are really tremendous. I never understood why people HATED mondays.  I see mondays as a way to clean the slate again and really bring it for 7 new days.  This morning I woke up early and ditched the weights idea.  I went for an hour long run down Erwin and up to the loop past the 15-501 exit.  I LOVE running in the dark – I know it’s silly, but I feel safe when my calves are folded into darkness so no one can see them.  But mostly, I feel way bad-ass when the hospital zombies are dragging their feet through the darkness and I’m zipping by them.  🙂  Also, I almost feel stealth because I feel like I’m sneaking a peek at the sunshine before most alarms even go off.

This is one of those mornings where I woke up and was seriously CRAVING oatmeal.  Which you may think is nuts, but the plethora of exciting things I put in my oatmeal every morning is enough to satisfy any residual creativity/inspiration-cravings from my dreams.

Monday morning oatmeal mess:

Ingredients: ground flaxseed, dark chocolate peanut butter, regular peanut butter, a dash of cinnamon, bananas, agave nectar

Close up

Zooming out now!

Ready to take on the day 🙂



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