Posted by: crispygoldenflaky | March 15, 2010

a poem about reincarnation

Last night was dins with Anna and Couch at the WaDuke. We dressed up and we spent food points and it was lovely! We went splitsies on an appetizer – mac and cheese with truffle oil, which apparently has a similar chemical structure to sex pheromones. MmmmmMm.  Definitely should be outlawed.

But let us cut to the chase! Food picturas!

Caprese Salad on a Stick!

I had the sautéed atlantic cod with potato-lobster rösti, wilted spinach, and brandy-lobster emulsion.

Anna had the smoked duck breast salad with spinach, radicchio, black truffle pecorino, duck leg confit, toasted pine nuts, roasted root vegetables, and port-cherry vinaigrette.

Sara had the NY strip caesar salad with hearts of romaine, Spanish anchovies, focaccia croutons, and shaved parmesan. Which was veryyyy unlike her. To order anything green, that is.

For dessert I had the creme brulee with berries! Yummm. Presentation on the entrees was OKAY. I’m never a big fan of dishes that are piled high. They always seem wonderfully done until I try to eat them. They fall over easily or are really difficult to tear apart to get all the flavors at once.

Today was game watching with Sambo and people watching on ninth street.  Breakfast was a disaster because there was a shortage of oats.  I had Caramel Oikos with Bananas sliced in and a Nutz Over Chocolate Lunabar.  Lunch was leftover chicken, smoked moz, and pretzels because I was feeling nauseous and wanted something salty.  Dins was banana nut crunch cereal, miso soup!!!!, and single serving pumpkin pie with agave nectar and caramel greek yogurt icing.

Today I got poetry-writing, archaeology reading, and physics reading done.   A couple of weeks ago, Sam and I were grocery shopping and he was intrigued by this brick of liver pudding? So we made it today. We browned it in some butter… It was kind of like, mushy sausage? But kinda yummy and breakfastesque with hot sauce. Mostly just an exciting adventure… cuuuute:

Quicky to-do list for this week: 2 mcat classes, flunch, poem, archaeology quiz, physics problem set, outline for tanya paper, send madeline’s letter out, carbon leaf with kaitlin on Thursday?, laundry tomorrow, shadowing, hosp volunteering, weights and running!!!!, row once, babysit on Saturday.

I am watching the sound of music again! ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE MOVIES. LOVE LOVE LOVE. This makes my soul happy and reminds me of when my mom and I used to waltz around the house singing all the songs.

And here is a poem:


you said you’d meet me halfway

so we settled on the James River

you talked of reincarnation

so I thought of when I was once an unassuming freckle

you were a shingle with a chipped edge

placed strategically on the roof of a curious Nicaraguan shanty

you saw millions of head-tops in your lifetime

dreads, sleek braids coated in sweat, corkscrew curls

you were jealous that I sat on the apple of a cheek

Mina’s cheek.  And, I faded in and out with the Mississippi sun.

you were jealous that I felt the wetness of heartbreak tears,

the intimacy of a lover’s skin, and the moist kiss of a dog’s nose

you only smelled thick, sun-baked dirt and rusty ladder tops

so on the day you fell from the rooftop

you chose to be who you are now

so on the day I withered away with the ancient skin of old Mina

I chose to be a wandering soul who would find



I’m going to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow morning, run lift and run back. GO GO GO!

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye!



  1. Poetry is a moment, frozen in time, only to be revisited, thawed out, savored for a moment by the author, then refrozen for another day.

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