Posted by: crispygoldenflaky | March 17, 2010

a lesson in explosives

Today for breakfast I had oats again, but sans dark chocolate peanut butter. I went through my kitchen and found chopped pecans!!! Which I proceeded to coat in agave nectar and a teensy square of butter and toast for about 10 minutes until they were caramelly. So in my oats today were: banana slices, honey, peanut butter, caramellized pecans, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, a dollop of Fage, and ground flaxseed. YUM! Also coffee from Alpine. Sidenote – I had the most amazing decaf coffee at Copa Vida last night (and hug! I LOVE it when places have a “hug” on their menu 🙂 ).

This morning was a warmupesque run to the gym. And weights!


50 x russian twists with 8 lb medball
10 x overhead db press – 15 lbs
20 x forward lunges – 25 lbs
10 x ea – shoulder circuit – Ts, presses, Vs, side raises
10 x underhand pulldowns – 62.5 lbs yum lats
10 x reclining db press – 20 lbs
10 x one leg dead lifts – 25 lbs

Kaitlin and I are going to see Carbon Leaf in Charlotte on Thursday night.

On my way to class today, I was chatting with Suedi because the bus didn’t end up stopping (oh, the C2) and when she left for class, this girl randomly approached me because she had been listening in on our conversation. Evidently she is a farmer’s market fanatic and potential culinary school applicant? How exciting! Making new friends is dangerously intoxication for my dopaminergic system, especially post-workout when I’m already so excited about following my schedule.

I was definitely bummed in archaeology when we discussing my ancient ass yellow ancestors. We stumbled upon some grave or person named “Anyang” and nobody understood the almost instantaneous Arrested Development connection I made in my head. But I forgive everyone because maybe he was Korean?

Snackity snack: RICE CRACKERS in honor of Ancient China woooooooo

Dinner was GLORIOUS. The company was FANTASTIC. Lilybean and I went to the Fac Commons with J. Thom to discuss his childhood love of explosives and his current obsession with dumplings? What a GREAT man. I think we spent 50% of the time talking about how to make different explosives and how lucky he is to actually make it this far in life? Oh, and wine. Obsessed is an understatement.

Anyway, I had the mahi mahi with sweet potato mash and veggies. The fish was a bit dry and the veggies were mediocs, but the sweet potato mash was very flavorful and buttered well. For dessert we went splitsies on a slice of caramel cake and an apple crisp. The apple crisp was okay – you can’t really go wrong with apple desserts, but I needed a bit more brown sugar. The caramel cake icing was TREMENDOUS. I’ve been looking for a good, molassesy caramel icing for a LONG time and this definitely did the job. The cake was nothing too exciting, but the fact that the cake had six layers and therefore six layers of icing made up for any dryness in the actually cake.

Then I headed over to the Ronald McDonald House for my weekly baking bonanza with Sara. And Jessie came, too! I don’t think I’ve ever felt happiness as pure as the kind of happiness I feel when a kid smiles. And it really does make all the stress from classes all day and schedules melt away immediately. It sounds way cheesy but it works for me. Ryan was more of a mess today than anything else and I think he was more grouchy than usual.

Today we found out that I know entirely too many nursery songs and rhymes. Mildly embarassed. I wanted to make whoopie pies/moon pies today but we ended up making peanut butter chocolate chip sandwiches with peanut butter dark chocolate ganache centers. The cookies were cakey and light because we put in two extra eggs:

butter and sugar, peanut butter, vanilla, veg oil, eggs, flour

in go the chips!

texture close up



scooped and ready for a heat blast

stacked and cooling

ganache piped in the center

extra frosting




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