Posted by: crispygoldenflaky | August 17, 2010

a week of preparation

This week is prep week.  I have one or two interviews set up and a couple of books and articles I have to go through before my job starts at my lab.  I’ve been vaguely bummed for a while about not being in Cambodia.  And also entirely in denial.  I’ve been reading blogs of people I met at training, learning about the new foods they’ve tried, and reading about host families and new experiences.   This coupled with the loneliness of not having many friends around right now has been making me SO sad.  And I’m even a little sad about declining the invitation to Jordan in October…

BUT there are so many reasons that I should be excited about the next year, so I’m trying to not be chronically bummed, I guess


1.  Sam.  I am so full of cheese even when I vaguely start to think about our relationship.

2.  The job at the lab.  Food and brains.  Need I say more?  SO EXCITING!

3.  Exploring new places in New England.  As much as I miss slash eventually want to live in the South, having a new area to adventure in

4.  My main objective is still to serve in the Peace Corps, so I’m aiming to leave in a year and a half slash two years.

5.  Still being in the states and able to connect with people!

6.  A year and a half to continue to develop my baking and cooking.

7.  Time to develop some vague sense of financial security.  I guess it’s not that wise to go volunteer for two years when I’m broke!

8.  Time to potentially explore a career in the food industry!

9.  My knee will get better eventually and then I can hopefully go running, climbing, and hiking again without pain.  It WILL get better.

On Saturday, Sam and I decided to check out a little intriguing castle we saw poking out of the side of a mountain on our way to Bristol.  It’s actually called Castle Craig and it’s located on a peak in Hubbard Park, which is 10-15 minutes away from where we live.  The views from the top of the Castle are incredible.  You can see the Sound and parts of Massachusetts from up there!  We didn’t hike because of my knee, but I can’t wait to hike it when I’m all better.

from the top

scrunchy faced saturdays

information about castle craig

from the top of the castle

maddy hates my keens

Yesterday I went to the orchard and picked the most beautiful pears and squash.  Red bartlett, bartlett, brown asian pears, and yellow asian pears.   And then I came home and watched 3 episodes of Josiah Bartlett.  The West Wing is really the best show ever!!  AHHHH!

Tonight I missed baking way too much.  I had been trying to NOT bake because I always end up baking for at least 10 people and I know Sam doesn’t like it when I make that much – it always ends up in our own stomachs… So I was looking up recipes online and I came across a blog called “Dessert for Two” (

So I made some lemon vanilla pound cake in the littlest tin ever:


It’s really SOO little!

Aaaannnndd I feel better already.  Love.



  1. tehehehehe yummy so this is what goes on inside that head.

  2. First, the naked hummingbird cupcakes are to die for…at least by looking at them! And I need a translation: what does it mean to be “full of cheese” when you think about your relationship with Sam? And how, oh how, can you possibly think of yourself as worthless? Don’t dismiss the opinions of those who think you are wonderful….or do you not trust their opinions?

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