Posted by: crispygoldenflaky | August 19, 2010

a silly idea

SO!  The GRAND NEW PLAN was to attend culinary school.  Specifically, the Lincoln Culinary Institute, which has 4 campuses in Connecticut.  I had an appointment at 12:30 with an admissions person at the Hartford campus and we got a tour of the campus.  Of the three programs they offer, I was most interested in the Professional Pastry & Baking program, which is either 60 or 90 weeks long.

I got really excited about this opportunity because I knew I was going to be in the area for at least a year and a half, which is a perfect timeframe to learn valuable culinary techniques.  We went around and saw the lecture space and the kitchens.  OH MY GOD.  The kitchens.  6 Kitchenaids all lined up in a row, huge rolling pins, sugarpaste flowers…  I died a little bit right then and there.  The classroom ratios are also great – 15 students to 1 teacher and you get to rotate through all the chefs at the school.  There’s even a gym!  BUTTTTTT…  it is WAY too expensive for me to even vaguely consider it for like… hmmm… 10 years.  $28,000 for the whole program.  That’s like another semester at Duke!  Yikes.

Damn it.
Oh well…

It’s nice out and my job is starting on Monday AND I have another interview on Monday evening with Kaplan.  Donnnn’t really know if I want to do it.  Had a phone interview yesterday night with them and I don’t think it went well because I feel like I didn’t sound that invested in the job anyway.
We DID make cookies yesterday.
A twist on good ole PB&J:  Peanut butter and chocolate cookies with jelly thumbprints (no flour needed!  except if the dough gets too sticky, but you can always use powdered sugar for that)
sugars go in first!
peanut butter is so sticky to measure out!
favorite kitchen friend
sneaking in a million mini chocolate chips!
little balls of pb heaven.  the dough got really sticky to work with so i dipped my fingers in some whole wheat flour.
leaving my prints.
out of the oven!
jellied and ready to go.
Maybe I’ll ask my parents about culinary school?  I wonder if they even know I like to bake?

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