Posted by: crispygoldenflaky | August 30, 2010

a chester county fair adventure and more!

Just another exciting post that features parts of an exciting weekend! Ah!

Sunday flowers!

So, Sunday Sam and I went to the Chester County Fair. Which was pretty little but it was definitely full of enough fried things, animals, games, rides, and music to be a legitimate fair and a great time. We mostly wandered around to see the animals, award-winning pies and cakes, and a country-ish folk singer. Forgot to bring my camera! Boo! I got one of those gargantuan turkey legs. Dipped in lots of hot sauce, OF COURSE.

Leftover turkey leg for dins!

Then we came home and made a smoothie because our bananas were going bad. Peach, banana, honey, and 0% chobani makes a mean potassium friend!

Soo cold and refreshing after the fair in the heat.

THEN we made my favorite tea. The last of my mango tea from Parker and Otis. Which vaguely smells like pot for the first 10 minutes of brewing but then goes back to mango once you add a little simple syrup to bring it out. We used our hammer to break up the ice.


In the packages



We also continued the granola bar experiment last night! This time with craisins, shredded coconut, mini chocolate chips, almonds, and applesauce instead of oil. Comes out to about 136 calories a bar, 2.7 g of fiber, 2.7 g of protein, and 3.6 g of fat. Not bad, but we still have a lot of work to do!

Stirring the oats

Press and bake

This morning, I made a huge salad and some roasted veggies for Sam’s dinner because his shifts are at night. I chopped up some red peppers, eggplant, and zucchini and sprayed them with olive oil. Then S+P and herbed them and threw them in the oven at 400 degrees for around 20 minutes. YUM!

Photogenic eggplant

Spray bottle for the olive oil

Sprayed and seasoned!

Tupperwared and ready to go.

The salad was supposed to be vaguely Mexican? With chicken? But the chicken looked like it had visible colonies of bacteria growing on it and smelled vaguely like my microbio incubator, soooooo that went into the trash chute asap. Gross! Shrimp to the rescue, though. Seasoned with salt, pepper, chili powder, paprika, fresh lime juice, and garlic and tossed in with a couple onions. The salad ended up having romaine hearts, diced red peppers, half of an avocado, onions, shrimp, homemade garlic croutons, and shaved sharp cheddar cheese. And it was bigggg.

Butter and garlic making the apartment smell heavenly

Croutons crisping away

Rather naked salad


Happy Birthday Milford and Sarra, my darling college roommates!!!! Sarra was my freshman year roommate and Milford (Emily) was my next door neighbor freshman year and roommate Sophomore and Junior/Senior years! I’m bummed that I couldn’t be there their last year to celebrate but here are some cake pictures to showcase my horrible piping work over the years! LOVE!

Freshman year

Sophomore year



  1. You look like you’re around 10 years old!

  2. AHH! I just saw this!!


    I misssss you!!

    Come visit soon. PLEASE.

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