Posted by: crispygoldenflaky | September 17, 2010

a catch-up post

Hello! It’s been a while! But don’t worry, I’ve made a couple things recently that are potentially blog-worthy and didn’t forget to take pictures of them. Let’s start off by saying that I really love the simplicity of the recipes in Faith Ford’s cookbook. I found it for sale for like $2 at some thrift store in Durham a couple years ago when I was wandering the streets and I’ve made so many little things in it. It’s really great for side dishes and I love the baked fried chicken recipe. It reminds me of Sullivan fam time at the lake and the dinner that we made with her PHENOMENAL mashed potato swirl. That got me through wisdom teeth strugs for sure. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to see the fluffy mix of bright orange tightly hugging the curves of airy white, but the pairing of brown sugar laced sweet potatoes fits perfectly with the salty bite of buttery regular potatoes. And any sort of warm potato mash is quite high up on my list of comfort foods.

One of my recent dinners with Sambo included two sides from Faith’s cookbook – balsamic-braised broccoli and oven roasted cajun sweet potatoes! Nom! The first sweet potatoes we had to celebrate fall with a bang! The mix of cajun spices I used had a curiously higher ratio of cayenne to paprika than normal. And the quinoa we served these guys with was also sprinkled with S+P and a hearty amount of cayenne. Surprised? Anyway, I really enjoyed the broccoli with balsamic vinagrette! I had only really ever steamed broccoli or thrown it into stir-frys but this method of prep included a mix of balsamic v, dijon mustard, honey, and spices that made it the star of the meal.

a page from Faith’s cookbook

roasted sweet potato thyme! ha ha


together with the fluffed quinoa

AND! There was the rice cooker breaking-in ceremony. Complete with our attempt at shrimp etoufee! (another recipe out of Faith’s cookbook)

make a roux

steam some veg

yum! there’s crab boil in there

success at making some long-grained brown rice with the cooker

all together now before the massive shower of cayenne… I need to stop

We also tried something random and adventurous. Not really inspired by anything but I was craving fish and pimentos! So we made sesame honey mustard tuna steaks with garlic green beans and pimentos! The tuna steaks got a good coating of honey mustard and then were dipped in lots of sesame seeds. Some wasabi and light sour cream topped off these steaks post Foreman-friend (embarassing that we have a George Foreman, but vaguely effective minus the part where we may have put them on for too long? unclear).

beans! so crunchy and stringy!

raw tuna steaks with some mustard and seeds. I love tunaaa.

wasabi powder

wasabi powder with cream.

all together!

And then I tried my hand at making fries…. and it was only vaguely successful because they were a lil mushy. Sweet potato fries with paprika, S+P, and other lil yummies!

ready to bake

done and a little crispy on the edges

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY. I got ghiradelli cocoa and peppermint extract and it was Francois (a lab friend)’s birthday! That means… lab-themed mint chocolate chip cupcakes!

the inspiration

cream that butter and sugar

butter and supafine sugar with some eggs. and by some i mean a lot.

a spoonful of batter I was going to save for sam when he got home but I ate it oops.

with the chocolate chips

finished product with mint buttercream

finished set with chocolate candy melt lab themed decorations. inspired by the colored drinks we make in our lab.

side view

FINALLY. We went to Ted’s yesterday. Featured on Hamburger Paradise and Man vs. Food. Steamed cheeseburgers. With a pillow of melty, gooey, cheese. I got the cheeseburger with lettuce, cheese-pillow, sauteed onions, and mustard. OHHHH MYYYY NOMMMMS.



So, I really really enjoy work right now, but it’s really hard for pretty silly reasons, I guess. Every little thing reminds me of Cambodia and I feel like I have this dark cloud of stress about med school looming over me ALL THE TIME. Which is dumb because I’m either going to go soon or after I do PC and it’ll happen whenever it happens. I guess the biggest thing that has been stressing me out is just the disruption of my life plans. I knew going into the PC that I would be able to commit completely to a volunteer project 24/7 without worrying about my MCAT scores expiring.

I’m going to try starting to volunteer with cityseed, the people in charge of the farmer’s markets in New Haven and shadowing a pediatric surgeon. We will see. Wish I was doing more for the world. I’m feeling pretty selfish right now.

I don’t know. I guess it’s mostly silly little things I stress about. I wish I had my future a little better figured out, though. And I don’t want to lose my cravings for adventure. Ever. And I’m a little bit afraid of that.



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