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an invasion!


WOW.  So much has happened since I last blogged.   I’ve made several batches of pumpkin spice granola (courtesy of Allie’s easy recipe that inspired me to tackle granola, which isn’t actually as scary as it seems), the leaves have changed to red and orange and are now mostly on the ground, and i’ve driven to west virginia and back to white water raft at the gauley!


Now onto the food, shall we?


Now that I’ve been volunteering with cityseed, I’m almost always give in to the sourdough boules that we sell.  They make perfect breadbowls because that almost always sounds like the most delicious thing for dinner when it’s cold.  Although Sam and I have decided that the best way to do it is just get one boule and split it in the middle so we don’t have too much leftover bread.  The downside of this method though is that the bowl doesn’t stand on it’s own.

chicken and corn chowda bowls

super creamy and thick


Pumpkin spice granola:

Dry ingredients – THICK rolled oats.  I love running my hands through oats.  so perfectly chunky.

Wet ingredients melting down on the stove.  Allie uses coconut oil for hers because it brings out the flavor of the chewy coconut shreds.  I agree and granola is the only reason I keep coconut oil around.  There’s pumpkin puree, pumpkin butter, honey, and brown sugar in there!


The first time I made granola was the summer after freshman year when Swetha and I lived on the first floor in the 1914 Lewis building.  I tried chocolate granola and I only checked it every 20 minutes which was the perfect setup for smelly, burnt chocolate granola because there wasn’t a light in the oven and I couldn’t really tell what was burnt and what was chocolate.  Oy.  Disaster!  Its okay, I think at the point I was used to failing in that apartment because I’m pretty sure we had an ant infestation earlier that week.  Cool.

Here is the granola ready to go in the oven.

Here are the pecans in butter and agave nectar.  They are vaguely candied.  They’ll be fully candied when they go in for 10-15 minutes!


All together now.

Final package!


I was still only doing 20-hour weeks mid october when college fall break was happening and I figured since most of my friends are still in their senior year of college, I’d head down to West Virginia to meet up with Larsa, Chris, and Indu and hope that we’d get Devo, our crazy Gauley tour guide with absurdly long red sideburns againnnnnnnn.  And in the back of my head, I also really really secretly, but not so secretly wanted Anne and Mac to go.  Which ended up working out.  It was only… 11 hours both way!  The Gauley trip ended up being not as amazing as it was last year – my knee was killing me for most of it (oops!), Larsa and I got thrown out at a Class V and… it was scary.  But it was SO refreshing and stunning and wonderful to see everyone that it kind of cancelled out the not-so-fun parts.  Even got some slacklining in.  Whoops.


On the way there… probably somewhere in New York as the sun was coming up

Driving through New York, I saw these!

Induuuuuuuu, I LOVE YOU


Anne pre-gauley.  Zen mode.




And when I got back to New Haven, I went to the cheese shop and got some raclette!  It’s finally raclette season.  YUM YUM YUM


Two weekends after the Gauley, Sam and I drove up to Boston for the Head of the Charles.  It was my first time at the Charles and Sam’s first regatta!!!! (!!!!!!!)  I, of course, had so much to talk about that I didn’t even realize he was struggling to figure out who was sitting in what seat.  It was beautiful.  Got to see Ty win his race.  I caught Marcos, but didn’t see Will or Christian, who were also apparently there.  And naturally Christian won his race, too.  Wooooow.  We hung out at Eliot bridge and met up with MAC!  Who went to high school right across the street from her boathouse.  SOOOO Jealous.   I didn’t take any pictures 😦


For Marga’s birthday, I had a pretty big cupcake fail.  I tried this recipe 3-4 times and it burned most times.  And for the time it didn’t burn, it didn’t leaven because I forgot to put in the baking soda.  Oy.  Because Marga is fairly adventurous, I had decided on a french toast cupcake with maple cream cheese frosting and candied bacon bits.

Maple syrup

Bacon n suga

Batter about to be burnt. 😦 sad day

Candied bacon

Candied bacon bits, brown sugar, and a pinch of salt top these guys


For Danielle’s birthday, I had jokingly told her I was gonna bring in alien cupcakes for her birthday.  But then I really did.  The heads are made with glazed munckins and the cupcake is a pumpkin spice cupcake.  The eyes are melted bits of dark chocolate that I shaped and froze on wax paper.  The antennae are licorice.  Yukky!  And the frosting is cream cheese.  With a SHIT TON of neon green food coloring.  Probably the entire tube.  These intimidated me the way chocolate dipped soft-serve intimidates me.  I kind of always assume that something is going to go wrong and the soft-serve is just going to fall into the melted chocolate.  It makes me SO ANTSY!  Anyway… to make these, you cake on a lot of thick cream cheese frosting and freeze it.  The frosting works well as a glue!  Then you heat the colored frosting and swirl the cold, naked alien head in the warm frosting and flick your wrist to stop the excess frosting from dripping.  They dry with a nice little glazed look.  Love it.  I had gotten 50 munchkins but most of them were flat on the side because the Dunkin Donuts lady smooshed them all in, so I ended up making some 2D aliens and halloween non-pareiled friends to join the invaders!

Solidifying the glue

dipped aliens

close up

all together


Annnnnnd, I made some chicken n dumplings and some sweet taters the other night.  Yummy comfort food.  The sweet potatoes were roasted with garlic, rosemary, and some cajun seasoning.  The chicken n dumplings were made with handcut dumplings, and it was SOOOOO thick.  Dessert was pumpkin whoopie pies with cream cheese filling and mini chocolate chips on the sides.

hey dumplin

sweet potatoes a roastin

ready to be eaten

chicken n dumplins


Happy noms!







  1. NOMS! the aliens turned out brilliantly! also mac and i chomped the granola in about 5 seconds. whoops. love you a lot a lot

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