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an influx of snow

Ahhhh.  The thick of winter.  Through the holidays and onto the snowy, “struggling-to-write-the-correct-year” parts!  I’m not gonna lie – the season of giving and anticipating the holidays is my favorite.  But soo many stews and soups fit so well with the weather outside, that it is hard to complain about the snow.  (I’d like to edit this comment – I spoke too soon.  The snow this year is absurd.  We’ve been getting a few inches a few times every week and I don’t know what to do with myself right now!  At this point, there are like 4-5 foot tall snowbanks on both sides of the road everywhere!)

The view from our patio

This was after the first big snow…. it’s worse now!

Let’s start off by going way back to pre-Christmas times.  Danielle and I went on a gift adventure down Chapel St in New Haven.  We stopped in Wave, a crafty Zola-y giftshop.  Sam likes to say, “when a store like this one exists, you know you’re in a developed country.”  Although I wanted many things at Wave, most of them were way out of my price range, so I was vaguely disappointed, but one of the women at the shop and I got to talking and she asked me to bring in some cupcakes the next day to put in her display case.  I made a batch of my red velvets and piped “joy” and “love” on them with lavender colored cream cheese frosting.  And decorated the rest with white pearl sprinkles and colored sugar.

Danielle at Wave with a scarf that resembles an array of multi-grain cheerios

The coziest hat!

We got an cheese grater in the shape of an Asian girl to add to Paula’s extensive grater collection (and also so that… I will forever be grating her cheese with my body??)  Unclear.  And THEN, Danielle got me the BEST THING.  A cookie monster hat.  I have yet to craft a little felt circle of chocolate chip cookie to put in his mouth, but hey, we’ll get there when we get there.


We then proceeded to nom at the quirkiest sush place I’ve ever been to.  Miya’s sushi in New Haven.  You can see their extensive menu here:  But just to give you an idea of how bizarre it is, they use ingredients like brie, potato skins, and dried apricots in their creations.  We both got a “very hungry catepillar”, which is the cheapest way to maximize the amount of wacko pieces.    One piece to note was the escolar, which is incredibly fatty, buttery fish that in quantities over 6 oz may have some laxative effects.  It was delicious.  And I had less than 6 oz.  Some of the weirder parts of their menu include an Asian twist on the classic peanut butter and jelly and southern sushi, featuring fried catfish, okra, grits, cheese, onions, and a fried crispy green tomato.  Wait, WHAT?

bonobo juice?

This menu was a book

Danielle got the Dragon Lady.  The menu said it was the drink for Chinese lesbian pirates.  Also popular with sorority girls.  Quite informative.

Seven-spice sashimi.  Easily one of my favorites.

The next few are part of the Very Hungry Caterpillar order.  I think these were covered in cumin sauce

Cream cheese, tuna, and craisins?!

Relatively normal.  Spicy tuna.  SO GOOD.

A feast of fish.

cupcakes for Wave the next day

A little self-conscious about the closeup

I loved it, but I didn’t think I’d pay that much if I was craving your typical sushi.  Aaaaand, don’t worry.  I went back the next day with Sam and ROBIN (ROBIN CAME TO VISIT AND IT WAS AWESOME).  Things to note that time:  The pumpkin miso soup was hearty and different.  Sam got the italian stallion, which is a roll with rare-fried tuna, new york mascarpone cheese, pistachios, and orange marmalade.  He liked it!

And I forgot to mention that they also have a roll called kwanzaa bananzaa with coconut, shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, papaya, burdock, and hot sauce.  And you have to be African-American to order it.  Hahaha.
I met some of Sam’s coworkers and so I made some food.  Cheese puff twists, chips and seven-layer dip, spicy white chili, chocolate covered peanut butter balls, and chocolate covered red velvet cake balls.  Yippee!

Ingredients necessary for a good seven-layer dip

A bottom full o’ beans.  Mixed with taco seasoning.

Salsa and generous dollops of sour cream

Cheesin’ the lettuce and olives

More cheese and some scallions

To make cake balls, you need to pull out the round cake pans Paula gave you for graduation.  Butter’m.

Load’em up.

Form the balls!


Finished spread of peanut butter balls and cake balls.  The red velvet ones have the rainbow sprinkles.

Parmesan twists

Together with the chips

Not pictured:  The SPICY SPICY white chicken chili.  Yum!

Danielle taught me how to make pierogies!  We made potato cheddar ones when she came and served them with sweet vidalia onion relish and caramelized onions.  YUM!  The pierogi dough recipe was SO simple – an egg, some water, and some flour.  For the filling, I was looking for the consistency of thick and cheesy mashed potatoes, so I forked some potatoes and nuked them until they were soft.  Then added cheese, milk, and salt and ate half of the filling before it went in.  Danielle was the pinch-master and as much as I tried to replicate her beautiful peppermint twist designs, I could never quite get it completely right.

Such mastery of correct dough-ing technique



We only have one grater

My interesting potato, cheese, onion filling creation.  I’m not Polish.  😦

Rolling with a real rolling pin!


Waiting for their hot water bath

It’s warm in there!

Oh my caramelized onionss

They complement each other nicely

Fried in butter!

I also decided to start making some sort of balsamic winter root veg stew late one night.  This involved peeling and roasted carrots, parsnips, and sweet potatoes drizzled with balsamic and olive oil while cooking some lentils and onions.  When you combine the two in a stewy format with some thyme, garlic, and salt for flavoring, you get a thick soup that teases your taste buds with a hint of sweet from the potatoes and an eye-catching autumnal palette that is so wonderful on the dreariest winter day.

Pretty colors

Post roast

Stewin’ lentils

Here is the recipe I used:
Also, Sam and I just finished season 3 of Arrested Development and we need the first seasonnnnnnn.  Let me leave you with a wonderful realization by our favorite “analrapist”:
Narrator: Tobias listens to a day’s worth of his own words, to see what Michael was referring to…

Tobias Fünke: [on tape] … even if it means me taking a chubby, I will suck it up.

Tobias Fünke: Nothing wrong with that.

Tobias Fünke: [on tape] Oh, I’ve been in the film business for a while, but I just can’t seem to get one in the can.

Tobias Fünke: It’s out of context.

Tobias Fünke: [on tape] I wouldn’t mind kissing that man between the cheeks.

Narrator: …and he realized there is something distinct about the way he speaks.

Tobias Fünke: Tobias, you blowhard. [chuckles]



And some poundcake for a tutee:





  1. Sushi, cupcakes, bean dip, cake balls, pierogies AND lentils??? Are you trying to make me the hungriest ever? These all look amazing!!

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