Posted by: crispygoldenflaky | February 2, 2011

a force to be reckoned with

A couple days ago, Danielle took me to her favorite sushi place in New Haven, Kumo.

I loved the layout and the ambience of the place.  The seating was nicely spaced out, and cozy, but clean.  There were some island tables, but most of the seating was lining the sides of the restaurant, leaving plenty of stretching space for patrons.  I walked in with Danielle and was really feeling the comfortable atmosphere and dim lighting, but not more than two minutes after we settled into our seats did a waitress come over and ask us if we were ready to order.  Neither one of us had opened the menus yet.  Really?  And when we indicated that we needed more time, another waiter came three minutes later.  Jeeeeeesus.  What happened to dining like Italians?  What happened to savoring bites and luxuriating in the presence of good friends?

Thankfully, Kumo did have two highly redeeming qualities.  The food was scrumptious and the prices were absolutely unbeatable.  50% off of sushi rolls and sashimi?  All the time?  I started off the the Spicy Kumo Tartar and a bowl of miso soup.  The fish was delicious.  Two, flat cylinders of tuna and spicy sauce sandwiched a thin, sassy layer of crispy tempura flakes.  This all sat on two latticed drizzles of wasabi sauce and some sort of spicy red sauce.  My biggest personal problem with this dish was that I didn’t find it to be spicy at all, but that may be a result my abnormally high tolerance for spice.  Although I picked it out because I wasn’t in the mood for tempura, I found that it was an interesting juxtaposition piece.  The crunchy tempura paired with the creamy tuna sections.  The fried tempura paired with the raw fish.  The red sauce with the wasabi streaks.  Cool.

I liked their presentation of the sushi.  Instead of cookie cutter sushi rolls, each roll had a different topping layout.  I ordered the Red Dragon Roll, which featured spicy tuna and cucumber with avocado, tobiko, and tuna garnishes.  I loved that some of my pieces were heavily marked by a thick piece of avocado, while other pieces had only a sliver and some tuna layered in.  This made for an exciting presentation and was very visually pleasing, as sushi should be (I have this idea that all sushi should be presented boldy and thoughtfully because the sharp color contrasts allow for it).  I stole both pieces of Danielle’s salmon sashimi and deemed it quite fresh.  But hell, maybe that’s because I’ve only had Durham sushi for the past three years.  🙂

Remember in the last post when I complained about the snow?  Oh my god, do I regret complaining about the snow.  The snow is at least something we can vaguely deal with.  It ice-stormed and snowed and slushed all day and night yesterday.  And through the morning.  Sam and I got to our cars and they were covered in 1/2 an inch to an inch in solid, stubborn-as-hell ice.


Yup, thats ice




It’s winning


Tiny, ineffectual scraper



The key is to hack at the snow at an angle.  But not too hard because you don’t want to damage the car.  But hard enough to break through the ice.  Which is difficult.  Oyyyyyy.

I’m working on being more and more prepared for the weather.  I bought a pair of duck boots from LLBean, because I didn’t own any weatherproof shoes.  And my cookie monster hat!  Because so much of our body heat escapes from our heads!  And gloves and a water resistant jacket!  What else do I need?!  It seems like mother nature is getting more aggressive the more I try to prepare!  I hope my flight isn’t cancelled tomorrow!


My new boots!

To keep my mind off of the outrageously treacherous conditions, I purchased some blueberries and blackberries, which are way too expensive at this time of the year.  Blackberries remind me of the first time I went blackberry picking with the Sullivan sisters a few feet from their home.  I never realized blackberry picking would be so thorny and uncomfortable.  I remember being super sweaty from being right in the sun, and my fingers were covered in the bright purple ink.  And when we brought all our blackberries home and tried to make blackberry pie, we didn’t use a good enough binding agent, so we ended up making blackberry soup.  FAIL!  Blueberries remind me of moving to Meriden and going blueberry picking at the orchards at the peak of blueberry season.  Everyone was there – lovers, grandparents and their grandchildren, sisters, and brothers.  They were so sour and fresh and glorious.  Blackberries and blueberries make me think of warmth, and eating them makes me feel a little bit (the littlest bit!) better about the weather.


My breakfast on Monday – 2% greek yog, granola, blackberries, blueberries, and honey!  Photography in real sunlight is so much better than any other type of light!





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