Posted by: crispygoldenflaky | March 12, 2011

a set of layer-and-devour meals

For the Valentine’s Day slash Random Acts of Kindness Food Drive kickoff, I made banana pudding, red velvet cupcakes, and soft meringues.  The soft meringues were little puffs of chewy and delicately crunchy lightly vanilla-flavored sugar.  The banana pudding is my favorite banana pudding recipe, but I was afraid about the black banana slices since I made it two days in advance.  The red velvets were a disaster again because I put in the wrong leavening agent.  I make that mistake far too often!  Oh well, 2 out of 3?  Ish?
My lab was incredible, though.  The arbitrary goal I set was 250 cans (which I thought was way too high because we don’t have that many people), but we raised about 220-230 cans!  It’s a good time of the year to have a food drive because people often hold food drives up through the holidays and don’t realize that need is highest in the spring and summer seasons.


soft-peak friends


ready to go in


to the lab!!!


the wrong leavening agent.  😦 but I tried to make pink velvet hearts sit in the red velvet

I also went to goodwill and found some interesting glass jars, cleaned them up and filled them up with interesting rocks and fun spherical potpourri from Michaels.  I changed our bathroom color scheme from green and pudge-brown to more of a tan, dark blue, and brown.  See below!

Cleaned jars


Bedroom window


Bathroom revamping




Large Benjamin

And we had Sunday sundaes!!!

Whipped cream


And friends


A layer and devour theme:


French vanilla ice cream

+ Cupcake magic shell

+ Caramel drizzle

+ Rainbow sprinkles

+ Whipped cream



Another layer and devour meal:




+ Tofu, Mushroom, Pepper Saute

+ Broccoli and Carrots
Interesting everything but the kitchen sink dinner!

I went for a long run yesterday (45-50 mins) because the weather was pretty tremendous, but my knee was giving me some trouble for the last 10ish minutes.  Makes me wonder if my fracture has healed entirely?  Need an Xray soon.

Sidenote:  Currently reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer and it is seriously disrupting my concept of moral reality.  I think it’s something that I’ve put off addressing for a while, so this emotional and confusing process is inevitable and entirely necessary.



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